Goldroom- “Fifteen” (Featuring Chela)

Goldroom’s(Josh Legg) latest original, Fifteen, features Australian singer Chela on the vocals and hit the number one spot on Hype Machine on the day of its release. How on earth is that possible? I mean this is an artist that isn’t really that famous in the music blog world, and yet had dozens of blogs posting about him on the very first day. After listening to the track, I would venture a guess that that lush melodies that immediately comfort the listener plays a big part of it. Synths pulsing like ocean waves along with the juxaposition between soothing percussion samples and the deep bassline create the atmospheric foundation of the song. However, it’s the vocals of Chela that knocks it out of the park, as her voice glides through the song and nostalgically narrates a romantic memory that can only truly take place in the late evening.  I was canoeing on Lake Washington earlier this week, and as the sun began to set, I couldn’t help but think of this song as the water gently floated me along. This song represents intimacy at its cleanest form, nothing but pure sensuality as this tune slows things down and produces a dreamy piece. As the spring nights begin to guide us to a wonderful summer, I would cite this song as an example of how things change over time, but the memories that are created in that span will always be comforting.

Give it a listen below and download the song by offering a Facebook like as sacrifice.





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