Why Is He SO Damn Talented? – Jhameel’s “Are You Free”


Jhameel is king. Seriously. No joke, he is probably the best artist I have ever heard. There is my declaration. I can say that without a doubt. He is everything that a great artist should be. He is SO damn good and versatile. It seems to me like he can do ANYTHING! God he is so good. Coming off of a great collaboration with Hoodie Allen, Jhameel is coming at his fans with his new album “Are You Free”. For the next five weeks, he’ll drop a track for us on Tuesday. So keep an eye out for that. 

Now “Are You Free” just solidifies Jhameel’s ability to change things up with his music. It seems to be able to do everything. Comparing “Are You Free” to his other songs such as “Shut Up” or “Lost One”, it’s always surprising to me what he can do. This track is a bit different. Relying heavily on the synths while maintaining a rock base and his pop attitude, “Are You Free” really is something different from his ‘sound’. Actually that’s not fair to say. Jhameel doesn’t exactly have a sound, but he has this aura that surrounds his music. The way he is able to change up his sounds is just amazing. This track is really good. You definitely get that rock feeling, but a bit poppy as well with the mixture of the synths. It’s really cool and chill to listen to. His lyrics now. Hot damn they’re good! Like shit, it’s like Jhameel took a look at the situation that pretty much every person in the world is in and threw it in one song. Questioning the life of some, “Are You Free” asks the essential question that people tend to ignore once they get busy in their lives. Are they living the way they had planned to? Damnnn, even though the song is not very long, with just a few verses, his lyrics really pound down hard. He hit the nail right on the head here. Great thing to ponder about one’s life and Jhameel has got it down.


let’s take a cold hard look at yourself 
are you the man you fought to be 
are you strong strong enough to face yourself 
proud enough to let pride go and yell 
are you free

let’s take a cold hard look at yourself 
look at the dreams you said you’d reach 
were you wrong wrong enough to face yourself 
man enough to fuck pride stand and yell 
are you free

and everything i said 
i would be 
and everything i said 
i would see 
are you feeling like a prisoner 
are you living life the way you want 
giving time to ones you love 
are you giving time to who you are

You can really tell that he has put a lot of passion into this track like he does with all his songs. That’s what I love about him. Every time I listen to a song, I can really get that heartfelt vibe from him. He loves his music and he loves making it. He defines the ART in artist. He is a true artist. Asides from his ability to sound good in anything, the best thing about Jhameel has to be his connection with the fans. This man is no phony. He truely does connect with everyone and thanks them for their support and shows his gratitude by providing his fans with free music on his website. He’s not about the money which is fucking awesome. Jhameel? I have nothing but pure respect for you. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s gold.

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