I honestly cannot tell whether or not I like this song. Seriously. It’s kind of stupid to be honest, but at the same time it’s cool. I have not yet acquired this song on my itunes, but I have looped it over and over on Youtube. This song really does confuse me. I mean first off, it seems to have this gangster feel to it but for some reason they’re talking about playing hockey. Yes the sport. African-Americans, traditionally, are not associated with the sport of hockey. I mean yes there are the exceptional few, but still. You don’t picture hockey with African-Americans, especially not gangster types. Not trying to be racist or anything, but seriously. That’s all I can say. So the content of the song is very perplexing to me but I like to listen to the song. Not sure why still. The beat is pretty cool I can vouch for that, and it’s helped me get my homework done. I sit here and feel pretty darn cool rocking this song. Maybe it’s not for me to be doing so, but I do it and I enjoy it. So I can’t figure out what exactly I like about this song, but it is definitely entertaining. The beat is cool and the content is amusing. What more do you want? But there is one thing this song brings that I can’t find with other songs. It makes watching hockey fights even more fun to watch. As brought to my attention by Vincent, he told me that he listens to this song with Chris while watching videos of hockey fights. Pretty damn fun actually. Just mute the other video and let this song play in the background. It’s funny for some reason. To sum things up, G.U.N.S. has made a pretty good song. I don’t want to state an opinion on the quality of their music but I can say that for me, it is a good song because I listen to it over and over.

Try it for yourself:

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