Lee Fields & The Expressions: “I Still Got It”


Looking at Chris’ Bumbershoot post, I scanned around to check out some of the other artists. First up on this list is Lee Fields, a man who has been in the music business for over four decades now.  He spent his adolescence years singing in church and listening to R&B Artists such as James Brown, The Temptations, Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding and the classic sound of 60’s Memphis. Here’s the bio about the band straight off their facebook page. I’ll bold the lines that are just plain awesome to read aloud.

“When Truth & Soul started as a record label in 2004, the first mission of label owners Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels, was to record a sweet soul record that would be modeled after the near perfect formula that bands like The Moments, The Delfonics, and The Stylistics had created. Music that was both tough as nails and sweet as honey. Music with laced with lush strings and smooth vocal harmonies layered over hard-hitting rhythms. Michels and Silverman called in a few trusty associates, which included singer Lee Fields, and recorded the single “Do You Love Me” b/w “Honey Dove”. What happened in the studio was pure magic and thus, The Expressions were born.

Fast forward almost two years and The Expressions featuring Lee Fields have successfully created a unique and personal sound that can hold court with the bands they set out to emulate. However, what was created in the process goes beyond just a carbon copy of a sweet soul music. The music has developed into a deeply soulful mix of old and new. The formula stayed the same but the style has been adapted for the ears of people who didn’t grow up on Al Green or Sam Cooke. Elements of modern music have crept their way into the mix to create something entirely fresh and unique. The Expressions have surely lived up to the name, each song they make is choked full of raw emotion that permeates deep through your ear hole straight to the soul.”

After listening to his song “I Still Got It”, I am definitely going to make an appointment to check out the live show with the good Doctor of Soul. The song is aching with pain, but still evokes a sense of defiance in the face of unfavorable circumstances. The chorus of “I still got it” not only signifies that the soulful sound is still kicking around, but it is demanding that some attention be shifted to this powerful work. If you like soul music, you will love these guys.  If you don’t like soul music, go check out their live show anyway.  The sheer strength and charisma of this recording should persuade you to give it a shot.



mp3: Lee Fields & The Expressions – I Still Got It from Faithful Man (2012)

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