The Story So Far

Guitars shreak, drums pound away and vocalist Parker Cannon wails out the desperately passionate lamentations that characterize the sound of The Story So Far, an up-and-coming poppunk fivesome hailing from Walnut Creek, California. I first heard their LP “Under Soil and Dirt” last week and have listened to it probably 15 times through since then. The refreshingly honest lyricism is what first drew me in. Their sound isn’t particularly unique but they pull it off well, and its rare to find such an all-around good band with such an all-around good album. It deserves a listen. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have.

About tcapps123

Hi everyone! I'm a philosophy student at Fairhaven College in Western Washington. My musical interests range all across the board, particularly indie, punk and pop. I've also spent a lot of time writing my own songs and playing in bands. I'm not a huge fan of critiquing music because after all, who are any of us to judge someone else's creation? But I love sharing music and hopefully you'll enjoy my unique perspective here at LifeAfterNirvana. View all posts by tcapps123

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