Steezie Nasa ft. Nacho Picasso – Art of War


I’ve spoken highly of Nacho on this site many a time. To me, he represents something the city previously lacked – a rapper capable of significant national exposure. I’m planning a post that goes into detail on this in depth beyond the scope of Nacho’s crew Moor Gang, but I’ll tell you what has me excited about this video – it shows another element that the Seattle “scene” sorely lacks: a cohesive and cooperative group effort. Steezie Nasa is just one of a handful of Seattle rappers dropping tracks under the Moor Gang moniker. He, along with Nacho, Jarv Dee, and others are a crew. Seattle doesn’t have one of these. This can’t be coming from the 206, proud proprietors of artists who work by themselves and by themselves only. Macklemore, Blue Scholars, Sol, Shabazz Palaces – these are the front runners of Seattle’s rap scene. None of them work together. Shabazz works with TheeSatisfaction and that is the only current collaborative effort that the city can proudly boast. Moor Gang offers hope. These guys are going in together, with their own unique style that is separate from Seattle’s usual conscious fare. Thank god for these dudes. They offer promise and hope for a legitimate scene in Seattle to materialize.

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