[Must Listen] Summer Heart- “I Wanna Go”

About A Feeling cover art

I pretty much sound like a broken record now with my recent taste in “dreamy” chill music, but if not for my latest fascination, there would be no pissin’ way that I would stumble onto this awesome track. Now I consider myself a pretty happy guy, but dear god listening to this track has put me in a deliriously joyful state. Summer Heart, the moniker of Swede David Alexander, has a sound that represents what I most desire in a summer track: a yearning desire to have a memorable time and still retain a sense of intimacy.

Check out what the guy listed as his influences: summer // space // beach // love. Speaks perfectly about his sound. The  electric production is blissful enough to elevate you into the clouds, but the real strength of the song lies in its ability to steady this airy characteristic with the  soothing constancy of the rhythmic guitars and drums. The result of this combination is that listening to this song makes me sit in a happy, contemplative state, where I can appreciate how fortunate I am…and how much more I want to accomplished. Perfect.

With the release of this song, the summer vibes coming from this jam should correspond with the weather in the Northwest too (You hear that Seattle? Quit with the flip flopping between sun and showers!). If you have been lacking some Vitamin D, giving this track a few spins will rejuvenate you…just be careful and not have too much fun with this track, or else you might get sunburn. It’s a little early in the game, but I think I am going to call this my summer jam of 2012.



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