Blackbird Blackbird “Waikiki”

Waikiki cover art

When you title your song “Waikiki”, there are certain expectations that must be satisfied to justify the name. The reference to the Hawaiian land must evoke some warm feelings at the beach, and this brief track does not disappoint. Mikey Maramag, the person behind Blackbird Blackbird drops one of the most upbeat chillwave tracks I have ever heard. Beautiful sequencing and uplifting synths are a trademark of Blackbird Blarkbird, and the vocals were a nice touch from what I previously heard from the artist. If you see the sun peeking out of the clouds, put on this track to to really lift those rain clouds from your day. When the only complaint is the briefness of it all, that isn’t too much of a slight is it?

Blackbird Blackbird will be releasing a new EP Boracay Planet sometime in the middle of this year. “Waikiki” will not be one of the new songs, but it would be a pleasure to hear the songs along this kind of sound.

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