“Same Dream China” – Gold Panda

One of my best friends, César Martínez, has always been greatly enthused (and at times sexually aroused) by the art of cinematography.

For those of you less educated in the world of film, cinematography is basically the art of constructing the image that accompanies the audio in a film; basically, the cinematographer takes, or tells other people how to take, the video. He or she sets up the lighting, frames the angles and at times determines the color scheme of the film.

Last summer, César went to China and took his DSLR with him (a Canon T2i, for those of you cinematography buffs out there wondering), and just shot whatever he thought was beautiful.

After quite a long time in the editing room setting the images to the music of the excellent Gold Panda, César finally had the courage to show off his passion project to the world.

Within 24 hours, the artist himself, Gold Panda, discovered the video and posted it on his Facebook wall. 94 shares and nearly 5,000 views later, César himself can only describe the experience as surreal.

Note to every film school: This guy is good. Let him in next year when he applies.

Watch the video in 1080p, the quality is markedly better. The 3D option is cool too, if you have the glasses:

Left-Click to Download: Same Dream China – Gold Panda [mp3]

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