Rebecca Black’s Competition? – Double Take

Hot Problems by Double Take is the BEST SO….no. This is absolute trash. I can’t even tell if they are just flat out stupid for producing some mangled cat vomit or brilliant for producing a terrible video that will get so much feed from the internet. I think I am going to stick with with the first one. Seriously? These girls are so damn superficial. Their chorus line is:

Hot girls we have problems too

We’re just like you, except we’re hot

Seriously the dumbest shit I’ve ever listened to. I do have to give props to Rebecca Black. At least she tried to cover up her terrible voice. These girls didn’t do anything at all. And Friday got catchy at times haha. Friday has Hot Problems beat for closest thing to an actual song. Let’s see how long it takes before these two girls rack up more dislikes than Rebecca Black…

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