The Record Company “I Wanna Be Your Dog” Free Stooges’ cover

Check out the generosity of The Record Company, as sent to us by email:
“We just recorded a cover and video of The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, which we’d like people to have for free. We have a May residency (every Tues) at Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles, and to promote it, we are going to perform a different 45rpm a/b side each week. Day after each show we’ll give out a free download of each cover. We are celebrating our own 45rpm release of “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely/Born Unnamed” and would love any press to help us out! Thanks for all your support.”
 The song features some harmonica love and some crooning = No words need to be said. Even the black and white video shot definitely evokes that old rocking style that I thoroughly enjoyed when I covered them a few months ago. This band simply oozes with with rock and roll and has a swagger to them that certainly makes one do a double take when finding out that this band is from Los Angles. Guess that stereotype of California softness isn’t true after all. 
Head over to their website for more!

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