The Miracals “Pretend” (Official Video)

I love this band, and they’ve come a long way since we last interviewed them back in September of last year. Due to a legal conflict with a local children’s dental office, the band name went from The Smiles to The Miracals (in exchange for a lifetime supply of Spongebob toothbrushes). They still play the same songs though (and then some!). In November, the band released their first single, “Give Me A Chance” when they had 1,500 facebook likes and then chose 10 people who wrote on their wall to receive their new EP. Although it was disappointing not to be the original ten chosen, my spirits and others were perked up when The Miracals straight up released their EP for free. If there is another band that is friendlier to their fans, I haven’t seen them.

So how has the music changed since the name switch? Well the youthful, summer sound is still there (it was perfect to listen to last weekend when Seattle was blessed with sun…something that is suddenly gone as of right now). However, what will really distinguish The Miracals now is the emphasis on more vocal variety and counter melodies. For instance in their older song “Cala Cola”, the singers would exchange one verse after another, but in the case of “Pretend”, the back up vocals are really more explicit in how they echo one another. Fear not though, this shift in music philosophy adds a wonderful new wrinkle to the solid formula of sun-drenched melodies and exuberant lyrics that just ache with wanderlust. My only question is why this band continues to release such music in the middle of fall, as the music and setting are total contrasts. I suppose it is a remedy for SAD then?

Regarding the music video, check out what had to say about it: “This clever video perfectly captures the quartet’s perky beats and harmonious vocals. The stop-motion photographic storyline outline the boys in various frames of perception through the young photographer’s point of view, and they all end up in a jumble on her wall, but still remain a cohesive memory, much like a end-of-summer vacation.”

A thoroughly valid claim don’t you think?

Besides the music, this is my favorite reason to cite why I am a passionate fan of these guys. From our interview with the Smiles…errr Miracals last year.

Does it concern you at all that you are giving away free music, especially in an era where free downloads are looked upon with suspicion?
No, I don’t think that’s true. I mean even if they are looked upon with suspicion now, they won’t be in the future. The internet and freedom of information will be around long enough to make free downloads a common occurrence, if it hasn’t already. We’re gonna monetize through other ways, because the price of recorded music is basically free right now. Touring, merch, and other different things (facilitated by the internet) will hopefully keep us afloat in the future. Recorded music on the internet is basically just a business card at this point. and the most important thing to do with the music is have it spread, and free lets it spread as fast as it can.
But we sold our EP (over bandcamp) for a bit, and then also have had it on free downloads. It turns out that we get MORE money through offering it “pay-what-you-want” than we did when we sold it, PLUS many more people have our music and that’s the most important thing at first, people’s attention. then we worry about monetizing.

Free download of both of their EP’s Hermosa and Give Me A Chance !


iTunes link:


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