Warm Gun-“Once In A Lifetime”

I do not know how I came across this artist. Seriously. I guess by the time it hits 3 AM, your mind wanders and clicking through YouTube links turns up some pretty interesting stuff. I am kinda glad I was procrastinating on my homework and going through videos instead. Otherwise I wouldn’t have found this sick song by local artist Warm Gun. One split second decision led me to this very good song.

Coming right out of our very own Seattle (local music!!!) is this young man by the name of Brian Chinn going by the stage name of Warm Gun. Here we have someone with a musically gifted background, having played guitar for over 15 years and styles ranging from blues to classical. Now he does rap, but it’s not your the typical rap you hear. It sounds like a mixture of rap, R n’ B, and a chill pop/jazz type of feel. And man, does Warm Gun really rock this. “Once In A Lifetime” is an awesome song, it really is. The best thing about this song is…actually I can’t single anything out. This song is just fresh. I can point out a lot of things that I like. First starting out with his voice, it actually is pretty solid. My first impression was that he sounded like Mac Miller. Then after giving it some more time, I realized Warm Gun does sound like Mac Miller, except his voice isn’t so nasally and annoying. Secondly, I’d like to mention that his rhymes actually RHYME! I don’t know what it is, but a lot of rap I hear these days seem to forget that making their lyrics rhyme actually sounds good. And while nobody can hit a prefect rhyme each time, Warm Gun does what he can and makes an effort to rhyme and have it make sense. Now the last aspect I want to focus on is the beat. Yes that is very vague, but the beat is really chill. I can give it a little head bob along to the beat. Things don’t always have to be a full head nod, but the little head bob to this fits because the song is so chill. Now my favorite part about the beat has to be the piano. Now that wasn’t the thing I paid attention to at first, but listening it to again, I noticed the piano and it is a damn nice touch. Warm Gun has definitely made a track that I will really enjoy listening to. Mr. Chinn? You have just won yourself a fan.

Hey, you can come check out his bandcamp with a free download of the song here. Oh and give him a Like on Facebook! Support Local Artists!!

Bandcamp w/ Download


HEY! Also come check out LifeAfterNirvana’s Facebook page too!

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