Introducing: Bear Attack – “August”

Meet Bear Attack. They are, in this blogger’s humble opinion, the best band to come out of USC’s Popular Music Program (which has produced such brilliant talents as The Voice‘s Lily Elise, Jayme Dee [featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film The Hunger Games], at least one of the members of The Miracals, and Rozzi Crane [also featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack, in collaboration with Maroon 5]).

Their signature restrained male-female harmonic interplay reminds one of a female Simon & Garfunkel, The Head and the Heart, or The Swell Season, and their heavily acoustic instrumentation is so clearly arranged, so crisply tuned, that I couldn’t help but notice when they took the stage at a party at my frat. This inspired some serious facebook fandom, and many listens to their impeccably-produced EP (which they funded through Kickstarter).

They just received some notice in the LA Times, as their song “August” was featured in the recent season finale of the ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars. Every piece of attention and exposure they get is deserved. Having heard them live, I have to say that they maintain and, dare I say it, even surpass the sound in the recorded versions of their songs.

In their ‘influences’ section of their Facebook page, the band lists Eric Whitacre as an influence. Whitacre, as any true choir nerd knows, is the preeminent modern choral composer, and his influence is discernible in the band’s music. Their chord changes are complex and infectious, and their harmonies are as tight as any great band on the road today (The Head and the Heart again come to mind). Their drummer also deserves some serious recognition for playing restrained, driving backbeats that even fellow blogger (and talented percussionist) Chris would be proud of, dynamicizing the song perfectly along with the other instrumental tracks.

Don’t believe me? Check them out below, and on Facebook for further proof of their awesomeness.

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