SXSW 2012 Downloads

As you may know, SXSW, a music festival in Austin is near the end of its scheduled run. With that, many bands are getting a chance to increase their exposure and sharpen their skills in front of crowds. However, there are so many bands playing it is hard to know which ones to really check out. Have no fear, some fella over at Listen Before You Buy went through all the artists and put up the best. Here’s what he said:

“For the past few years the organisers of the SXSW festival have included an MP3 with each artists they feature on their site who is appearing at the festival, as a wee taster of what to expect from said artist.

At the same time some awesome fellow organises all of the free (and legal) MP3s featured on theSXSW website and makes them available as a Torrent file. For the last couple of years I’ve spent a month or so going through all of these songs and picking out my favourites, so you can have a sweet little playlist of awesome free music to either soundtrack your roadtrip to the festival, or check out some of the great things going on if you’re unable to make it.

Last year there were 792 songs to listen to, this year there were 771, but here’s the process I went through.

  • Three weeks of listening to all 771 songs and artists
  • Going back through the 233 that I’d picked out as extra special awesome, and making sure they were still awesome on the second listen (they were)
  • Making sure all of the songs had the correct ID3 tags and were labeled properly
  • Putting the songs into groups of ZIP files
  • Uploading each ZIP file to Mediafire and then posting them below
  • Uploading all of the songs to the excellent SoundOwl.
  • Copying the MP3 location from SoundOwl, highlighting the song in the post and pasting the MP3 link so that it plays on this here page…..233 times
  • And finally going through each song on this page and making sure they all worked (they did)

So there you have it. 233 free MP3s curated by LBYB for your perusal. Let us know what you think in the comments and who your favourites are.  We’re going to have a few staff members at SXSW this year so if you see us somewhere and know what we look like (no, we don’t look like douchebags actually) come and say hello.”

Clearly amazing. Check out the link to really find out some fantastic artists (the SHEER size is amazing).

The best of SXSW 2012

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