WTF?! Night of Joy’s “John Candy”-Music Video

Here we have a music video:

Okay, wow. This video is hella odd. Watching it through the first time, the only thought I had in my mind was “What the f**k?” Seriously. It was odd watching it, I had no clue what it was and what it was trying to achieve. After looking into it a bit, I found out that Night of Joy is just spoofing on a 1980’s video of a song called ‘Candy’ by Cameo. Yeah they matched up pretty well. NOJ’s video is actually kind of funny. After giving it my initial go, I watched it again and I found it fairly amusing. There’s something about that one dude in the one piece night-gown looking thing that gets to me. But it is fun to watch the people scaling on the sides of the video and floating around. Comparing it to Cameo’s ridiculous video, I’d say that NOJ did a pretty good job at ragging on Cameo’s video.

Cameo’s “Candy”

Now, the actual song? “John Candy” by Night of Joy is a punk song. Punk is not big on me, I’ve never quite understood it. The only punk band that I’ve ever listened to has been The Clash, but never any modern punk bands. And I have to say it was a bit weird to hear the difference in punk sounds of the 70’s and 80’s to today’s sound. Well I guess I can’t really compare the two bands, since The Clash was a Punk-rock band, but for me that was the closest to punk I know of.  So the discrepancy in sound is quite shocking to me. I do have to say this one thing about punk though, the bass is actually killer. I like that constant, edgy bass sound. NOJ really does come at you with a direct punch to the face of pure punk. That consistent edgy bass, strong support from guitar and drums, mixed in with the twangy (honestly, that was the closest word I could think of to describe the singer’s voice. I thought scraggedly, but I don’t think that is a word) vocals actually make for a nice punk song. And whether the song is meant to do this or not, I was in a bad mood when I started to listen and the song helped me keep that edge. Not sure if that’s good, but at least I know what to listen to if I am in a bad mood. It’s nice to know what some punk sounds like these days. Hurray for education!

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