Must Listen: Bobby Womack “Please Forgive My Heart”

“I could try / to say I’m sorry/ but that won’t be /quite enough”

And thus begins the first single is off Bobby Womack’s new release (It’s been 12 years!) The Bravest Man In The Universe produced by Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) and Richard Russell.  It’s a little strange to hear his iconic voice soundtracked by buzzes, clicks and glitchy little electronic fidgets, but the soul is there.

Dynamic vocals that are really emphasized with the minimal soundtrack, but don’t you mistake that for lacking in soul. By god I just love it whenever there is a piano in a song. Wins me over every time These days an old school artist releases an album it seems like a rehash of the past. Sure the sound is good and I could play it a few times for repeat, but there is nothing that demands me to listen to it. Besides if I wanted to look longingly back into old school music, I got Motown. However, this song strikes a wonderful balance. Right away you can tell that this song is nothing like you hear nowadays, but at the same time you can’t pigeon-hole in the pure old classics either. It is the exploration of the tension that can be really risky and alienate both sides, but when done right, it is the bridge between two generations.

Listening to someone like Bobby Womack release a record like this is chicken soup for the soul. It’s earnest, filled with lament, but most importantly it is honest. This is the kind of song that will get you through any late night or gloominess without being patronizing. Really excited to hear this album dropping in June. Repeat status

Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart


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