You Are Both Wrong

Mashups aren’t music.



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3 responses to “You Are Both Wrong

  • wendell

    Tell me something like this isn’t music.
    Completely creative, completely artistic.
    You really can’t make accusations like this without any proper reasoning.

  • ctrimis

    I don’t really think either of these qualify as original music, no. The whole premise of mashups is using the work of others (original works) and distorting them. It’s plagarism at worst and homage at best. I do like that the second one had Dizzee Rascal but that’s just because Dizzee is rad. If I were to listen to Dizzee Rascal I would listen to one of his songs, not something a dude with a computer mashed together in garageband. It’s button pressing. I’m not impressed by button pressing.

  • b00nd0ggles

    HAHAHHAAHHAH CHRIS i love you and thank you for this post.

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