Dearest Friend Vincent… Mashups 101

In response to fellow blogger Vincent’s post about the Tyga x Neon Indian Mashup by The Hood Internet, I present to all of you (and him), Super Mash Bros, the best mashup artists in the wild, wild west of the internet:

Those are just three of their tracks, one from each of their mixtapes. Super Mash Bros basically takes a ton of very mainstream tracks, mixes ’em together, throws ’em in the oven, and turns the temp up to 325°Fucking Awesome. Although their songs are still tons of fun on their own (and Livin’ the Dream is still the 4th most played in my iTunes) the genius of their mixing is really heard when you listen to the whole mixtape(s) as a fluid mix. The track changes are seamless, which although its seen by many to be a small touch, it really comes out and makes the music almost more care-free. Have you been messing around on the internet looking for some good mashups to check out? This is exactly what you need. You haven’t been messing around on the internet looking for some good mashups to check out? This is exactly what you need. The familiarity of the songs makes it almost nostalgic. In their most recent mixtape Mile(y) High Club, Super Mash Bros made effective use of the Rugrats theme song… and it’s great. Their two older mixtapes have an aftertaste of my 7th grade school dances (the good parts, not the hair that was down to my shoulders part). This is another one of those groups that’s really just fun. Listening to any of their mixtapes is just a great time… its also great party music. What really set them apart from a lot of the other mashup artists out there are two main things: 1). The use of more than just 2 songs per track. Almost all of their tracks feature anywhere from 5-9 different pieces of different songs. 2). They dont just slap an acapella track over an instrumental and call it a day, they really mix up the sounds of the different songs. You’ll have the drums from an 80s rock-song, piano from a 90s ballad, and lyrics from a new millenium rap song. I promise that if you listen to All About the Scrilions all the way through once, you won’t be able to listen to Viva la Vida without trying to rap over it. Nothing beats the experience of busting out into Twista-fast rhymes at the same time someone starts crooning like Chris Martin. All 3 of their mixtapes are available for free (like a slice o’ sausage at Costco) on their website here. Also go check out their facebook here.

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