Introducing- We Are Knights “Tears”

Coming out of the most beautiful city (Paris of course. Those summer nights in Europe were amazing) in the world is the electronic French trio Jean-Marc Battalier (guitar programing, keyboard, backing vocals),Guilhem Hatt (Lead vocals, bass, programming, keyboard), and Gaelle Malandrone (keyboard, backing vocals). Together they form We Are Knights, a band that should definitely be on your radar for upcoming music this year. Thanks to the low-fi sound and washed out vocals, the song has an absolutely cosmopolitan vibe to it, appropriate to listen to when the individual finds himself just amazed at the bustling pace of the city life.

Now I don’t wish to come off as ignorant, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I hear international bands sing in English  as opposed to their native tongue, and I am curious to know the decision making process that led to this choice. Nevertheless, as I listen to the other songs by this band (“Turn Around You” for instance), I can’t help but come off as impressed by the skill and practice required to master both languages. Makes me wonder too. Not that Americans are really limited in comparison to other folks around the world….but…oh forget it, let’s just enjoy the music for what it is: A chilled out electronic sound that fits perfectly with the urban world today.



MP3: We Are Knights – Tears

W E  A R E  K N I G H T S

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