Tongue Tied-Grouplove: A Comparison Between the Original and Gigamesh

Tongue Tied by Grouplove. The song is pretty damn solid. Poppy and upbeat, the song sounds pretty damn happy. But giving the song a close listen and you’ll realize that the lyrics really contrast the sound of the song. The lyrics are actually pretty damn depressing! IF you listen to the song carefully, as it goes on, the sound changes and you’ll realize that the tone actually gets more serious just as the lyrics get so as well. The chorus of the song a little something like this:
“Take me to your best friend’s house
I loved you then and I love you now
Oh yeah
Don’t take me tongue tied
Don’t wave no goodbye
Don’t… “

You can see that the singer is actually talking about being sad after a relationship has ended and that he wants to get back to that time where he and his signficant other were. A time of relaxation and where he loved her-and continues to do so.

Now I don’t want to get big into the meaning of the song but rather the sound of it. Grouplove makes a great pop song and their sound reminds me a lot of Matt & Kim. I definitely enjoy the track and they have a hit with this one here, but I have to apologize to them. Their version of the song is not the best.

I would like to bring to your focus to an artist by the name of Gigamesh. A remix-god, he’s held the top spot on popular website Hypem, which is a site that brings you all the new, freshest music out there, several times. And that is no easy achievement. Coming at you with his on spin on “Tongue Tied”, I would just like to express my love for the song. This remix absolutely KILLS the original song. Several times. Now I am not disrespecting Grouplove’s original song, because I think it is good, just not as good as what Gigamesh has made. With all due respect to Grouplove however, there’s no way this awesome remix couldn’t have been made with Grouplove making the great track, I like to think of it as Gigamesh making a great song into a super-fantastic song. Now earlier I said that “Tongue Tied” was an upbeat song. Gigamesh definitely kicks it up a notch. I love what he has done, making this track something that sounds funky (in a good way of course), you can head bob to, and hell, even dance a little stupidly to. When listening to Gigamesh’s spin, lyrics are second class compared to the song. The beats are just so damn good. The lyrics are still important though because with this upbeat tune, every time the chorus rolls around, I just want to sing a long really freaking loud. Asides from Gigamesh’s ability to turn an upbeat song into something even more upbeat is very very impressive, but the thing I like most with his work on the song definitely has to be the girl’s singing portion. In the original song, there is no real lead in to the girl’s part and it is kinda slow. Gigamesh? Hot damn. He leads us into it, building the song up really high before a crash of sound. One short snippet of silence later and then you hear the girl counting in. Boom, right into her part, that thing Gigamesh has done is absolutely blissful. Easily my favorite part of the song.

Overall, the song is fantastic. Whether it is Grouplove’s original or Gigamesh’s remix, both provide a nice upbeat song that definitely invokes my yearning for that summer feeling. I like both versions but in my opinion Gigamesh has made the song absolutely golden. Respect to both artists because both have created something awesome. Give both versions a listen and decide for yourself which version you like better!

Grouplove-Tongue Tied

Gigamesh’s Spin: (You can download it by clicking the down arrow!)

Grouplove’s Facebook page. Like ’em!

Gigamesh’s Facebook page. Like him! 

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