2 New Odd Future Releases?

LA collective Odd Future is back with some new releases…finally. Admittedly, I had sort of fallen out of the hype surrounding OF for the time being. As was posted, Earl came back and released a new song but quite frankly, it wasn’t all that great. But we’re not here to talk about Earl. The two new releases come from the other prominent members of the group. Suffice it to say that both of them have me excited for whatever’s coming next from OF.

The first comes from self-proclaimed stoner-loner, Domo Genesis.

I won’t be the first to say that Wiz Khalifa is annoying as hell. I think the majority of my fellow bloggers here would agree. Personal opinions aside, I love this song. The pan-flute sounding instrumental feels like a pirate story, but instead of pirates, you’re on a ship with Wiz Khalifa and Domo Genesis… and tons of pot. (Pirates of the Caribbean: At Joint’s End? Curse of the Black&Mild? Dead Man’s Stash?) Neither Domo’s nor Wiz’s verses are amazing here, but they’re solid. It’s a fun stonery song with a good feeling to it, and that’s plenty reason to listen to it for me. It’s good to see Domo branching out too, as OF’s “Most Improved” in my opinion, he’s definitely deserving of some more spotlight attention. Him and Wiz sort of have a Jay and Silent Bob, destined-to-be-partners feeling.

Do I smell a skit for Loiter Squad?

Next comes the first song and video released from the upcoming Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (Releasing on Mar. 20th… Go pre-order it)

Hilarious video to go with a strangely catchy song. At first I was very “meh” about it and wasn’t real excited but the more I listen to it the better it gets. I think what threw me off at first was the weird instrumental they have going here. It’s definitely got the sound of Tyler’s production. Regardless, all three verses are perfect. Hodgy’s got a sassy rambling sound going on, Domo’s just spilling words out of his mouth a la Lil B (#rarebasedswag), and Tyler’s got a slam poetry flow to match up with the beat of the song. OF definitely knows what they’re doing and if this is what the OF Tape Vol. 2 is gonna be like than sign me up.

Lastly, in other Odd Future news, they’re selling tickets for their upcoming tour right now. So if that catches your interest go check it out at oddfuture.com/golfwang

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