What’s Up Local Music? Introducing “The Exchange”

Photo Preview

Support the local arts!!! You get this a lot from people and there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean why not? Help out those who are out there chasing their dreams and giving it their all. So in support of the local arts, I would like to introduce to you the Christian Rock band “The Exchange”. With roots from Silverdale, Poulsbo and Kingston right here in Washington, these guys are definitely local, but hoping to expand. I mean they’ll have to have pretty solid music to do so, but that’s not a problem because they definitely have that. Listening to them for the first time, their sound reminds me a lot of Yellowcard. And I have to say I like Yellowcard, so…
Usually I try not to pick favorite songs when I listen to a band for the first time, but I continue to click play on their song “What I Need”. The start with a synth is really interesting, that’s not something I usually associate with a rock band, but it’s a nice touch. Next leading into the piano, man that part is awesome. I wish they gave the piano more spotlight because it was one of my favorite parts. It flowed well with the song and every time they played it, it just meshed really well. The part leading into the chorus is actually very cool because the sound focuses more on the drums and with that, it gives the listener a beat for their knee to bounce to before rocking out in the chorus. The song is for sure pretty darn cool and I urge you to give them a listen.
What I Need-The Exchange

And Hey! Support the local arts reader! Get up on their facebook page and Like Them! The more support the better!


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