Jhameel- “Lost One”

jhameel2 Jhameel   Lost One

Via Pigeons and Planes

“When we made our wishlist for music in 2012, one wish was that indie acts outside of rap would make mixtapes. We’re sick of waiting all year only to get one album from our favorite indie acts. We’re used to our wishes being ignored, but to our surprise, things turned out differently this time. Jhameel answered.

Jhameel said to send over some beats we’d like to hear him on, and we did. He just sent over his first track, and obviously we have to leak it. This one’s over Jay-Z’s “Lost One” beat (produced by Dr. Dre and Mark Batson), a song that often gets looked over, probably because it’s from Kingdom Come.

Check out Jhameel’s remake below, and stay tuned to see where this mixtape project goes.”

A very chilled out vibe with the piano beats, that really emphasizes how his voice is just  intoxicating and is full of swagger.  If it weren’t for the fact that the song derives from Jay track I would have assumed that this would be the hit song that would get Jhameel off to a roaring success in 2012…well either this song or perhaps this:

Seriously, if there’s one artist I want to succeed in 2012, it’s the Arabic major from Cal who rejected offers to join the US army because his objection to the war efforts. Not to mention that he’s an Asian American defying cultural stereotypes (and his mother) to pursue a life in which he does what he loves, as opposed to setting for practicality and routine.

Lost One – Jhameel


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