Must Listen: Lana Del Rey (Yes her) “Radio”

Lana Del Rey

Type the words “Lana Del Rey” into Google, and you will find more than 40 million results. MTV News, Billboard, and Reuters all currently have stories running about her. This weekend, The New York Times ran music critic Jon Caramanica’s 1,200-word article deconstructing her persona, demolishing her mythology, and, oh yes, discussing her record. (He didn’t much care for it.) Caramanica wrote: “This is album as anticlimax, the period that ends the essay, not the beginning of a new paragraph.” Well screw that. Yeah I’m one of those people who love Lana Del Rey, SNL-fiasco or not.  Regardless of any other track and hype she’s had so far, “Radio” is a damn awesome track that stands up on its own, without any hype if you took the other tracks away from what you’ve heard so far. It’s hauntingly beautiful. What matters is that she has a beautiful voice and she is hard working. If she brings people joy, then let it be. ‘Lana del Rey’ translates to ‘The King’s Money’, and with the quality of music like this, she’ll be rolling in that kind of dough soon.

Lana Del Rey- Radio

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