Memoryhouse – “Walk With Me”

[mp3]: Memoryhouse – Walk With Me

In the lead up to their highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Slideshow Effect’, Toronto dream-pop duo Memoryhouse have shared a second track from the release.  The song really takes an upbeat positive turn at the end rising high up above the rest. It captures the feeling of being in a moment too good for you to truly realize how good it is.Smooth, dreamy intro.  A magnificent indie pop crescendo. What’s there not to like?


As a new years treat, Memoryhouse recorded a cover of The Zombies “This Will Be Our Year”. It’s a calm reassuring cover that is super smooth. Here’s the message that the band posted on theirtumblr.

In light of the new year, Evan and I have decided to record a cover of one of our favorite Zombies songs, “This Will Be Our Year”. Thank you everyone for all of your support in 2011, and I hope this song helps motivate you to lose 5 pounds, stop smoking, and watch less reality T.V. (or is that just me?). Lots of exciting things are in the works this year, onward and upward!

Download the cover below. Here’s the original.

[mp3]: Memoryhouse – This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover)

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