“I Hate You, I Love You Again” – Emily West

This song is the embodiment of all the things I love. The delicate, soft, lonely piano backing track, perfectly arranged without unnecessary overcomplicated fingerwork–chords in 4/4 are all that’s needed. Emily West’s vocal rings out with a beautiful dynamicism, showcasing her raw emotions as they shine through the music to create a rare ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’ effect, seen rarely in songs like “Transatlanticism” and Ryan Adams’ “Desire”. Of course, the final piano notes are not what’s expected. She holds back, then lets go, then holds back again, then lets go but with dissonance, then lets it all end.

And most importantly, the lyrics are the best thing about the song. The title in itself is ingenious: “I Hate You, I Love You Again”. How many times have each of us been through this phenomenon, in one form or another? Come on!

Here are a few teaser lyrics to whet your appetite:

“Once we were lovers/thought it’d never end/felt like forever/I hate you, I love you again”

“Once we were lovers/past is the past/fool myself to feel like that/I should’ve never ever fallen in…”

“It’s hard enough to see you/out here and shake your hand/I love you so damn hard/I hate you…I hate you/I hate you, I love you…again”

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