Oh My Goodness…Jhameel’s “Shut Up”

About a month ago, when shuffling through my brother’s ipod, I came across a very intriguing artist by the name of Jhameel. Normally when I shuffle through music, I can’t listen to a song for more than a minute. And although I don’t like to admit it, I don’t really allow myself to find new music when I do this. But when I came across Jhameel’s “Shut Up”, I was I was immediately drawn in. The song is poppy and VERY catchy. The violins are a great touch and all of the instruments (He plays them himself) combine together to create a fantastic dance jam. Throw in his distinct vocals and you have yourself a song that is worthy to be replayed time after time.  Be warned when listening to this song. It may get stuck in your head or cause injury from rocking out to it. The song is absolutely epic and bursting with energy. Do yourself a favor and get in a great mood. Listen and check him out. I promise Jhameel doesn’t disappoint.

Shut Up Music Video:


His video matches perfectly with the song. Although the concept was a bit confusing to me, I don’t really care. The energy in it matches the song.


This is his website. Check him out and you can download his songs off of his music tab for free. Also, don’t forget to go to facebook and Like him if you do!


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