Tell All Thursday- Wild Vibes

Well damn has it been awhile since we did a Tell All Thursday or what? What better way to start off the year’s first interview with one of my most recent favorites as 2011 ended? Coming straight outta New York, Brett Copell of Wild Vibes was gracious enough to answer some questions that we had sent a few days before New Years…yes that was horrific timing. Nevertheless, it was an absolute pleasure to learn more and I can’t wait to see what happens in later this year. Given the track record of the band (good god they produce works so quickly!) so far, would it be too far-fetched to conceive of another work coming out by summer? Enjoy (and check out the answer for why their EP is named Zolpidem Lovesick)

Where and how did you guys meet?
  Ben, Javi and I went to the university of pennsylvania together … once we graduated we all moved to New York, where we met russell.

What is your songwriting process? Who writes what first?
  I wrote the first EP… some songs i make beats for and then write from there with a guitar in hand … 2nd EP was all written on guitar… and Russell wrote and sings the song “Don’t Stop”
What influences do you cite regarding either your inspiration for music or the way you produce your particular sound? As a follow up, how do you take from these influences and make your own distinctive sound?
I’m heavily influenced by ’60s garage/psychedelic production… big reverb + panning effects etc.  I’m also very influenced by modern electronic music, especially regarding the beats… so I think each song contains a blend of the two production styles.
How do you guys go about promoting your music? Do you send it around to various music blogs or do you rely more on the word of mouth that occurs when playing live shows?
We send it to blogs sometimes… we should probably do that more.  We also put our stuff on, a collective we’re in.

  If you guys could see any band or artist live, who would it be and why?
 Off the top of my head I’d really want to see the violent femmes. do they play ever?  I tried to go see the Zombies this year with my dad but it was sold out… would’ve been cool.
 When looking through your guys’ own music libraries, do you mostly have music that resembles what you produce yourself?
 Javi mostly listens to house, electro, dance music etc.   Ben is always showing me music i’ve never heard of… like moog producers from the 70s and stuff like that. Right now i’m listening to some Santana and Shakti albums.  I think our music is pretty all over the place, and our taste in music is all over the place so it makes sense.

Looking at your bandcamp, I see the Wild Vibes EP released in June and your latest EP Zolpidem Lovesick released in October…first off, what’s the story behind the name of Zolpidem Lovesick? Secondly, how has the sound changed from the first to second EP in your opinion? In conclusion, how do the sounds of these works anticipate / foreshadow the sound the eventual release of a cd, which based on your proficiency, should arrive next year?
 Well the first EP was all samples + me on acoustic guitar and vocals.  the second EP has russell singing on some songs, Ben on bass, and JAvi on synths. So now we’re a band.
Zolpidem is the generic name for the sleep drug Ambien….  i thought it sounded like a strange alien warrior.. ZOLPIDEM.  and all of the songs are pretty much emo-lovesick ballads (whether masked by psychedelic production or not) so it seemed natural to title the EP with Lovesick.

Sound engineer shout out (or any venue that gave you great sound)
The multitalented rob seiden.

 If you could give a shout-out to another band, who would it be?
I’m working on a remix for Savages right now.. another great band on Deerhaus.  They’re releasing tons of new music, even doing songs weekly.
Here’s their music video for “Molly”.

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