May I present to you Washington’s own “Friday at the Lake”

Man I love local music. There’s something different about the music of people that live in the area around you. Sure they have a chance to get mainstream and get their sound recognized, but maybe it’s different when they aren’t big time because there is a sense within that band that their music is more pure. I can’t really flush out my thoughts that well, but it seems to me that local bands have more passion and incentive to put work into their music. Perhaps the drive towards reaching their dream of making it big is stronger than the drive of those that have already made it. So without further ado, I would like to introduce to you “Friday at the Lake”.

friday at the lake

With roots from Bremerton, Washington, a city to the West of Seattle, comes this 5-piece Christian rock band. Called Friday at the Lake, the story of their name comes from a tradition of 5 friends that would meet every Friday at a lake. Hence comes the name “FATL” They remind me a lot of the band Yellowcard and they sound really similar, except subtract the violin from YC and add keyboards/synths. Ranging from soft to a bit of harder rock, FATL doesn’t really bring anything new to the music scene, however with one particular song, they do OWN that style. A song off of their album ‘Fences’ is one that I really dig. Called “Falling For You”, there’s something about the song that I can’t exactly place my finger on, but it is very well made and I have actually been looping it over and over. Starting with with softly played drums and guitars, the beginning of the song brings you in immediately. As the song settles in, the chorus eventually goes in strong and then falls back into that nice soft sound. Some nice touches at the end of the song with the female vocals and the keyboards. Overall, I really really like the song and I’d have to say the parts of the song where the verses are sung are my favorites. But doesn’t matter, just give the song a listen. Super awesome. 

From what I hear and read, this band is very passionate. Yes, they are a Christian band, and that is probably to be expected, but it is a local band. I feel like they really want to strike it big and that’ll they put in the time and effort to make great music. And that’s what I love. SO, support the local music! Check out their website, like their Facebook,  and keep an eye on FATL!

2 responses to “May I present to you Washington’s own “Friday at the Lake”

  • Mitchell

    I have been to several F@TL shows and there is a feeling in the air that you just don’t get anywhere else.

  • Thomas

    I have been following Friday At The Lake since before any CDs were made. These guys are Awesome. They have a great talent and their music tells a story. These guys also know how to put on a show. I love their energy.

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