“Zilla March” B’zwax: One of the Sickest (Vernacular and Nausea) Videos You’ll See in Sometime

Zilla March Cover Art

Flexing, or bone breaking, is a mix of street dancing and contortionist movements mostly specific to Brooklyn. This video in particular is mesmerizing, almost ritualistic with this group of shirtless guys in gas masks all dancing together in the subway. Other riders seem to either not notice them or look on in a trance.

I love the jaded NY straphangers lack of response.
This is as vital as modern art gets. Could this be seen as a comment on the perception of urban youth today [post london riots], or a wise nod to #ows and the pepper spray incidents, or  am I over analyzing and this is just kids getting kicks?I think, if I was there, I would have said they were filming a sequel to ‘The Warriors’.

Once you finish admiring (or grimacing) at the movements on the screen, take a step back and listen to the music. Fits perfectly with the video doesn’t it? Well this intense beat got me so fired up, I had to go and find out what exactly the song was. I got it. This track was produced for the Yak films “Zilla March” video featuring dancers from Next Level Crew NY


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