Albert Hammond Jr. “In Transit”

When the new Strokes album hit last year, I wasn’t actually that big of a fan of it. Perhaps the sour taste left by First Impressions of Earth was left festering and ruined my mood for the new Strokes. Or maybe it was because I really enjoyed one of the side projects that sprung up after the Strokes went on hiatus. Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. released his own work Yours to Keep a few years ago and I liked it at first and then put it away, lost in the itunes library shuffle. Well considering the dramatic change in my life (as highlighted by Kevin’s post), I felt that nostalgia and returned back to songs in which I have always kept in my ipod despite never listening to them. Well here’s one of the songs. A really old fashioned shot video, and it fits perfectly as the time and frame turns from light to dark and the classic of boy loves girl is repeated in what could be argued as pre hipster fashion. Ahhh the past. Maybe if only the Strokes had a little more Albert singing in it.


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