Everyone said 2011 sucked?

But seriously, everyone said 2011 sucked. Maybe its just me, but I thought it was a perfectly adequate year. Before I continue I would like to put out a disclaimer that my music selection is not QUITE as underground as another fellow blogger who also happens to be jewish (cough, Dylan Visvikis gets turned on by Vinyl).  And with that wonderful tid bit, here are MY choices for the year of 2011.

Best Songs:

  • Canon by Justice
  • Gary Payton by Sam Lachow
  • Aural Psynapse by Deadmau5
  • Paradise by Coldplay
  • Swim Good by Frank Ocean (Also the chopped and screwed version by Mike G)
  • Moor Gang by Nacho Picasso
  • Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by RHCP
  • She by Tyler the Creator

Best Albums:

  • Goblin by Tyler the Creator
  • Nostalgia, Ultra by Frank Ocean
  • Audio, Video, Disco by Justice
  • Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay
  • 21 by Adele

Best Remix/Mashup:

  • Strobe (Special Features Remix) by Deadmau5
  • Ho’s and Discos (Space Laces Remix) by Lucky Date
  • Mashville by Andy Peterman

Best Discoveries:

  • Nacho Picasso
  • Omnitica

Best Dubstep/Electronic Songs:

  • Yo Ho and a Bottle of Bass by Omnitica
  • Reptile by Skrillex
  • Aural Psynapse by Deadmau5

Best Music Video:

  • Wild Boy by Machine Gun Kelly
  • Hash Muffins by Sam Lachow

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