Is This It Bro?

Vincent Pham. Holy cow man it’s here. I cannot believe it. You are actually going off to college. Yes you’ve been going since September, but now you are actually moving out. I’ve been blessed to be able to spend time with you for an extra four months. I knew it was coming, but it has never really hit me. And now the day is actually here. You are moving out. I cannot imagine what life will be like without you. You have ALWAYS been there for me. And now I have to come to terms with you not being close at any given second. I just cannot do it.

You are everything to me. I do not appreciate you enough. My life revolves around you. I know I don’t show it, but I really do appreciate you with more than you know. It’s not on an emotional level with me, I just don’t show much there, and I regret not doing that. You have been the best brother to me. You are probably the most self-less person I know. I mean, no one has benefited from your existence more than me. You…complete me (haha. But seriously). Being the older brother in a first-generation Asian family hasn’t been tough, I can see that. You have had to deal with all the ‘firsts’. The successes, the failures, the unknowns. You have blazed through everything and have created an easier path for me to follow. You have had to walk into the dark unknown your entire life and deal with whatever life threw your way. And it must have been tough. Real damn tough. But you know what? Even so, you still helped me out. By doing that, I have been able to see firsthand the results of actions. And I have learned much from it. Not only have you walked through and had to suffer, you still helped me out. As I followed you, you have always been there to guide me and give me advice on what to do. You could’ve just let me go off and experience things on my own, but you were there to help me. You had to suffer at times, yet you still gave up time to guide me through the decisions that you had to make as well. For that, I thank you.

Man, you are just a flat out, awesome brother. I cannot find any words to describe you but magnificent. And it is a well deserved one as well. You are funny, intelligent as hell, wise, kind, and compassionate. I have always appreciated your personality and character and in many ways, I have tried to mirror you. I wanted to be you, because you are exactly what I wanted to be. And yes, now we are different, but the same in so many ways. Believe it or not, you are the one that taught me that I should be who I am and not be you. So many late nights we spent talking about my life and my concerns. I thank you for those times man. You comforted me so much. You offered your support and advice for all of my questions. I remember the days of insecurity in my life. I felt wrong in so many ways. I couldn’t figure out who I was. I struggled heavily with my identity and where I fit in with people. I will never forget the days of sitting and just expressing all of my concerns to you. No matter how ridiculous the question, you would always answer it (How do I talk to girls? Why can’t I talk with people? Why can’t I get friends? How do I make friends? haha) and comfort me. Those times made such a big difference in my life and is probably the most significant thing you have done for me. The times of comforting me and easing my worries and telling me to just do what I wanted and live my life have gone the farthest for me. Your words of wisdom have shaped who I am today. You gave me the confidence to be me. Cheesy, yes, but true.

Sixteen years you have been with me. And now in my seventeenth year, you are going to be gone. Nevertheless, we have created SO many memories. I will never forget many of them and there are many where one picture can spark an uncontrollable fit of laughter. I hope you will remember and treasure these memories just as I have. We have lost many good ones, simply due to the time gone between them, but doesn’t mean they never happened. All I know is that those memories build up for me to know that we have created a true brother’s bond. Our love is strong and can never be broken. Our relationship has kept us close forever and I think that because of that, we wouldn’t have great times like we did. Whenever I think back at us, the things that I can never forget are the times spent together, just messing around, and our countless good times with Joe.

There is so much I want to say to you man, but I can’t get it all out. Just know I am proud of you. You will go SO far in life and I am excited to see where you take yourself. For you, the sky isn’t the limit. F**k that S**t, you can go as far as the universe will go out. As much as it pains me to do so, I have to release you from my own grip and allow you to run free man. You will do great, I will miss you, but we won’t break. Ever. With that, I would like to leave you with two songs:

I Love Friction (Asher Roth vs. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)-The Hood Internet

You have done enough studying and working hard. Cut loose. I want this song to be your life!


There are two verses of this song that is us: Seafarer, oh-o-oh, you and I belong together; Seafarer, oh-o-oh, you and I belong oh-o-o-oh-woah

I love you man, kick some ass!!!

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