The NEW Year – A List of What’s to Come

I’ve entrenched myself with the past years’ releases recently and have been working on a year end list that will be posted soon. Right now though, my mind springs to the future and what is to come of 2012. I am one quarter into my journey as a music major and have learned a lot from playing in ensembles, taking lessons, and taking classes in music theory. I’ve absorbed what is around me and look forward to absorbing what is to come. On a personal note, 2012 will bring about more concerts at school as well as gigs with my ska band, hopefully shows with two other outfits I have been playing with that look promising, and personal growth through a dedication to practice. I am also beginning classes with the intent to double major, the second major being journalism. I look to attend all four days of Sasquatch! and all three days of Bumbershoot in addition to other shows. On a less personal note, 2012 brings a number of releases that I am highly anticipating. This is designed to be an anti-year in review. This is what I am most excited for in the music world.

1. A new Grizzly Bear album. How will they follow their breakout album Veckatimest? They have been recording in Texas and I can’t wait to hear the results.

2. A new Japandroids album. Post Nothing is quite possibly my favorite record of all time. The interplay between guitar and drums, between Prowse and King’s vocals, their minimal and introspective lyrics…there is so much to love. They toured religiously over the past couple of years, and have begun recording their follow up to Post Nothing.

3. Sigur Ros – do they re-emerge? Jonsi has delved into a successful solo career, parlaying that into work composing the score for the Matt Damon film We Bought A Zoo. His band has been rumored to be touring this year (including a tantalizing rumor of a Sasquatch! headlining appearance!). Does that mean new material is in the works? I hope so.

4. New Dr. Dog album, to be released this February. I have fallen in love with each of the Philadelphia group’s previous releases. Their sound has maintained a similar feel but has evolved each album. What does this one have in store?

5. Odd Future. What do they do? Does Earl return? I am admittedly not the biggest fan of the group as a whole (though Earl’s album is great and Hodgy is skilled) but they are intriguing and the face of a new hip-hop generation.

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