Hey-Oh! What Music of 2011 Meant to Me: Lists!

As this 2011 is winding down, I have come to a conclusion. Music is AWESOME! Yeah pretty obvious, I know, but this year has been different for me. With the help of my friends, I have discovered SOOO damn much. Never before in my life have I experienced such joy through music. Damn this shit is really powerful. Never quite got that notion. I’ve been through a lot and all the music I have been introduced to have helped contribute to it. I saw my first live performances. The sounds and lyrics of songs actually meant something real to me. It has done so much for me, given me so much. I have finally learned to appreciate music for what it is. I can enjoy it, and let it run its course. I will just tag along for where ever it goes and love it. Thank you 2011. You have given so much to me. Now I believe it is fitting for a few Top Lists. However I don’t want to place anything above another because they all meant something to me. So to be fair, nothing is organized from best to worst (of course it’s not actually worst since I am mentioning it). I could go on and add so much more. But I can only remember so much. Most of my lists are composed of back end 2011 music. With apologies to the songs and artists of earlier 2011, and everything else I wished I could add (but couldn’t because the lists would be huge), here is what I enjoyed this year:

Best Song: 

Best Album

  • Camp (Childish Gambino)
  • The Year of Hibernation (Youth Lagoon)
  •  Belong (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
  •  Cults (Cults)
  • Sidewalks (Matt & Kim)
  • New Heaven (1, 2, 3)
  • Smash (Martin Solveig)

Best Remix/Mashup

Best Discovery (Song/Artist/Whatever else)

Breakthrough Artist

  • Childish Gambino
  • Calvin Harris
  •  Cults
  • Frank Ocean
  •  Foster The People

 Best Live Act

  • Tennis
  •  Macklemore
  •  Sol

Best Mainstream Album or Song 

 Best Remixer/Mashup Artist

  • RAC
  • The White Panda
  • The Hood Internet
  • Calvin Harris
  •  DJ Bahler

Best Dubstep/Electronic/Dance Song

Best R&B/Rap Song

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