M83 Midnight City Mashups

Ok, I’ve been skeptical of mashups that use the riff from M83′s “Midnight City,” mostly because it’s hard to improve on the original, but also because it’s been done. And done. And done. However, here are some examples that it can be pulled off.

Wooooo White Panda, it’s been far too long since you put out an actually good mashup. Welcome back, I’m digging the Kanye with M83. This is easily the best song since pandamonium, old school white panda. I hope this will be the first of many songs that will  turn away from such huge use of Top 40 junk.

M83′s “Midnight City” and Kanye West’s “Good Life.”

“Midnight Life”
(Kanye // M83)

But DOSVEC“Midnight Mashup” fuses the Kevin Brown mix of “Midnight City” in with 10 different a cappella tracks, including two from Gaga that actually end up more appealing than they did in their original forms. Otherwise, it’s a relatively random sequence of vocals, one after another without any chorus like structure, but it works. DOSVEC has the sense to mix up the background beats up a bit, too.

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