You know… That song in Napoleon Dynamite!

Bumpin tunes kid

Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat, as featured in the Pre-Michael Cera age of indie movies Napoleon Dynamite, is an awesomely groovy song. And I’m happy to say that its only the beginning of Jamiroquai’s funky sound.

Jamiroquai describes themselves as British jazz funk or acid jazz. My best description is the USS Maroon 5 crashes into the HMS Soul Train. I wouldn’t call their music unique per sé but more authentic. It has a very real sound to it. You can hear the hours of work the artists put into the songs in their music. Frankly, its just really cool. Funky guitar riffs are mixed with deep space noises and beats that you have to tap your foot to with some added awesome synth keys. And they’ve definitely established this starry night-inspired spacey theme. If you’ve ever seen Daft Punk’s (Favorite musical group ever over here) Interstella 5555 (which I highly recommend you do), it feels like a similar deep outer space journey. Either way, Jamiroquai is the most danceable music I think I’ve ever heard… as Mr. Dynamite beautifully demonstrated for us.


Virtual Insanity is easily one of my top 15 songs of all time. The video is pretty sweet too. These guys have been around since the early 90s and they’ve rocked it the whole time. Their music is completely worth looking into. Plus their signature Buffalo Man mascot has magical space traveling powers so it all evens out anyway.

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