A Tribute to Swedish Girls: Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days are officially over (well taking a break…but that’s kind of a loaded word isn’t it?). Late to the party I know, but still it’s surprising.

From their website (August 31st, 2011):

“We have decided that we will be putting Those Dancing Days to bed for a while. We have been together as a band for almost six years now and have had such an amazing time – we have grown up together, created together, seen the world together. We have been so incredibly lucky and feel so honoured that so many have appreciated our music. As a young band we have had the pleasure of being role models for other young musicians – something we have found incredibly fulfilling and important – and especially to young female musicians like ourselves. Go girls – never doubt yourselves and never stop dreaming!

After we played the Popaganda festival this last weekend we felt it was the perfect ending to the summer and a good time for us to say good bye for a while. We want to explore things on our own for a change; some of us will go back to school, some of us will be taking jobs – and without a doubt all of us will explore new musical settings.
To all our fans – thank you for being wonderful! We hope to see you again in the future and until we do – live and love!”

This is weird to be honest. I’ve never experience the surprise and mild shock that comes when you find out that a band you’ve been faithfully following for the past year ceases to be. Particularly even stranger considering that Those Dancing Days was one of my top favorites out of all the bands I’ve found throughout my search for music in the endless music blogs. Hell, Those Dancing Days provided me a lot of material to write about back when the blog was just starting out. They sparked me interest in indie bands from Europe. Lord knows how disappointed I was when I found out they had to cancel their US tour, even though the closest location they would have played was in LA. However, one’s love for music can make one think in absurdities and boy oh boy did listening to Those Dancing Days make me feel absurd (in a good fashion of course). Mother Teresa this makes me sad. I’ll just leave you all with my favorite song by them (not to mention a strong contender for my favorite song of all time).

I still can’t shake off the notion of how a mere six months ago, this song was the soundtrack to my highly anticipated summer (right before college starts). Now that a few months of college has gone by, I find myself a bit numb at the notion that  I can’t prepare for new material from the Swedish girls later in my college life. I guess that’s  the strength and fragility of music: You find yourself a great band to listen to, and you start thinking about how that band is going to be around for a long time, or at least until they begin to lose favor as you shift to different music. Then you find out that the band’s over, and you start to remember how music isn’t just about what you hear, but about the creative process that individuals go through to produce such a work, something we take for granted. Those Dancing Days, thanks for the bliss you’ve provided me. Though I never got the honor of seeing y’all live, having your music in my itunes is a good consolation prize (where it’ll enjoy numerous repeats).

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