Happy Birthday Chris!


I can remember when I got my first iPod (a few years later AFTER the first one came out…yeah I’m still waiting on getting texting to finally be “modern”) and I had less than 100 songs on it. I went to your house and about a few hours later my iPod was bursting with over 400 different songs, which was only a small sample of what you had in your library. You exposed me to Phoenix ( a big plus), helped explain to me what grime was (Before that I would associate that word with pokemon), and showed me what a diverse collection of music you had. Looking back on that time, I’m still stunned by the fact that I held the insane notion that you had a limited taste in music (man was that ignorant or what?).However, I believe that experience offered a much more meaningful purpose asides from expanding my musical tastes. Not only did that day give us another topic to discuss asides from the value of black qbs in Madden (always a fun subject), it demonstrated the fact that despite having different music tastes, we could still have a great conversation about it. I can’t really express the pride I have in our friendship without referring to other inside jokes that no one knows about, but just know that it’s been a great run so far leading up to the first few months at UW, and it’s only going to get better.

So I just want to leave you with the songs that whenever I listen to them, our friendship always comes to mind. Thanks playa.


One response to “Happy Birthday Chris!

  • ctrimis

    Thank you Vincent, I truly appreciate this 🙂
    I didn’t know you had thought that I had limited taste in music haha, that’s funny.
    I’m so glad our friendship is able to continue here at school and look forward to what our time here holds for us!

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