“Closer To Fine” – Indigo Girls

Recently, I’ve been in a writing renaissance. Previously, I was mired in a sort of funk, a miniature side effect to the problems I’d been having elsewhere. What inspired me was an idea I formulated with a director friend of mine, affected by the tinge of religion. We had both been depressed over the fact that we hadn’t made anything truly meaningful, truly dramatic, in the first few months at college, with all the beautiful new resources available to us.

Two songs played in my head, over and over. The first and more influential on the work I wrote was “Freshwater Baptism”, a song fellow blogger Taylor wrote that’ll be used as the theme song for the film. The second, though, is the song this post is named after.

When I was a little kid (stick with me here), my mom played a tape (yes, I’m that old, it scares me) in our ’96 Plymouth Voyager minivan that I got hooked on. It was the 1989 self-titled Indigo Girls album, and the song I always wanted to hear again and again was “Closer To Fine”. I didn’t understand its meaning then. I don’t know it now either, but I understand the ambiguity and the deeper meaning hidden within the lyrics enough for it to inspire a drama themed around the concept of faith in the modern age.

I can’t tell you the plot, but we’re filming today, and hopefully the actors can knock it out of the park. I credit this song to breaking me out of my slump.


Closer To Fine – Indigo Girls

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