“Everything’s Magic” – Angels & Airwaves

With the release of Florence + the Machine’s AWESOME new album (which I’ll get to later), another talented band has been overshadowed; Angels & Airwaves‘ ambitious new concept album/film Love, Parts I and II, is a remarkable new effort from Tom DeLonge and co. Best known for their alternative hit “The Adventure”, this not-so-on-the-side project fuses DeLonge’s signature punk rally cry and catchy songwriting with delayed guitars that fit smoothly in the U2/Temper Trap playbook. The result is usually immensely catchy, ethereal and cerebral alternative rock that always pushes the limits of an arena-like, epic sound, like a punkier Arcade Fire or a more uptempo Coldplay (pre-Mylo, of course).
My new favorite song of theirs, though, is the biggest hit off of the 2007 release I-Empire, “Everything’s Magic”, a catchy, uptempo alterna-pop piece that gets almost masturbatory with its use of delayed guitars in the chorus (which I absolutely love). It’s not a particularly deep song, but it’s one filled with hope and optimism, and DeLonge is quite good at conveying that through his brief, but impactful lyrics.
Check it out.

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