Must Listen / Watch: Delta Rae “Bottom of the River”

Delta Rae is a North Carolina group made up of four lead vocalists (though they also play instruments). It sounds a bit ridiculous on paper, but one listen of “Bottom of the River” and you may be quick to realize that it makes for some incredible harmonies. But damn, does that lead singer have pipes or what? The others ain’t too shabby either.

This music video is off the charts in terms of stylish execution and how well it makes the music even more menacing regarding how it makes a literal interpretation of the subject matter. However, it doesn’t end that way. What first appears to be a woman being dragged outside her house in the middle of the night to be chained to her death (brought to the “Bottom of the River” you see)…well I recommend you watch what happens afterwards. During the march to this ending, there are some really interesting camera work and lighting work. Not to mention that it was an absolute pleasure to watch some stepping happen during the brief drum interlude. Simplistic design, awesome execution. Dylan, this is something you got to see!

You can download an extended version [mp3] from their {website}.

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