Musical Turnoffs

Today, music website released the results of a comprehensive study designed to determine the biggest musical turnoffs, as in if someone liked a certain band/artist, he/she would be less dateable.

Surprisingly, there were not many differences between gender.

You can check out the nitty-gritty details on the site itself, so here I’ll just post the results you need to know:

In a companion study, they “asked [their] members – “How far would you go on a first date?” giving the three possible answers:

  • I’d only meet up for a chat
  • Perhaps a kiss
  • All the way, if there was chemistry

The question received 408 responses in the space of a week. We looked at the average response for people who were fans of each of’s top 20 most popular artists (week ending Sunday 27th March 2011) and assigned a score of 1 for the first answer, 2 for the second and 3 for the third. The results at time of writing were as follows:”

What I believe this study shows is that liking good music (Nirvana, NOT Justin Bieber) gets you some.

Sometimes, life is truly beautiful.

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