“Miranda” – Surfer Blood

So, a few months back, I told you guys the story of how I dropped the lead singer of Surfer Blood, one of my favorite bands, at Sasquatch. Sadly, I never got around to finishing my review of Sasquatch (though I might do that sometime in the future for kicks), so I didn’t have a chance to regale you with the story of how I was in the front row for his concert in the rain on Monday. He jumped in the crowd (no drop this time), and was actually set down next to me. He didn’t recognize me, or at least pretended not to. The energy and the song creating it were awesome. So I guess we’re cool. I guess.

Tuesday, Surfer Blood released their new album, Tarot Classics, and it’s freaking awesome. My favorite song to jam out to right now is  “Miranda”, about the lead singer’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend from New York, which was my favorite song that they played at the Sasquatch show; the catchy chorus of the echoing harmonies chanting Mi-ir-a-a-nda over and over pulses me and keeps me hooked. The last harmony, on ‘da’, is beautifully dissonant, recognizing the irregularity in the traditional punk heartbeat–it’s a nod to the imperfect, but passionate relationship shared by Miami Surfer Blood and his New York girl.

The Miami-based band is touring in support of Pixies right now. Check that out if you get the chance.

Listen & Download Here:

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