CSS-“Hits Me Like A Rock” Music Video

There’s something about this song that is so sweet and draws me back to it. The beat of this song is upbeat and poppy and the chorus is inevitably catchy. From the first time I heard the chorus to now, whenever I hear the it, I can’t help but sing along:

"You know I like you alot but
It still hits me like a rock (ooh oooh ooh)"

Gosh it just hits me (lolz) every time! Every time it plays, I sing along with that part, and although I don’t like to admit it, I try to match the singer’s voice as much as possible. So it’s a good song with a nice little beat to bob and kinda groove to. Which makes the music video kind of odd to me.

Now I am not saying that the video is bad because I love it! There is something oddly charming about the innocence of the song mixed in with several different dance styles. I love watching the video, because I recognize many of the styles of dance in the video and I attempt to do some of them as well. What else is kind of cool about this video is that the beat of the actual song doesn’t seem like something most of theses styles would have to dance to. The street style mixed in with this pop song makes quite a mismatch. But somehow, they make it work. And it’s good.

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