Today is fellow blogger Seth’s birthday! I think that there would be no better way to appreciate  his entrance to “manhood” by means of celebrating with the music that he and I enjoy so much. Awwwwwww yeah, you know what time it is again, it’s Frank Ocean time! I suppose you could cue the groans over my love for Frank Ocean (I’ll keep plugging away), but at least I know that Seth and I share a similar (if not as intense) degree of appreciation for Frank. Seth, this post is for you!

I’m not one for covers, but I think that when you put an acoustic take on a R&B song, you deserve a bit of credit there. Here’s a creative take on Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” by Aussie dj/musican Joyride:

Head over to to get the download.

Seth, I didn’t want to simply post a Happy Birthday on your facebook wall (but I will send this link to you on facebook), but I really wanted to express the satisfication I get from knowing that you are apart of this blog. However, I take greater satisfication in calling you my friend. Do you remember that conversation we had at school regarding the youtube video of the pastor talking about absentience, only to then switch over to a conversion pitch? The maturity you displayed in abstaining (ha ha) from bashing on the religion, but rather the deceptive methods of that pastor. Not to mention that you more than held your ground in your dialogue with other members of the Occupy Seattle movement. Kudos to you. The sharing of music, the partaking of this blog only further cements the friendship we have, which I’m so grateful for.

To cap off this special day, I would like to recall the song that first swayed both you and I to be willing to include Frank Ocean in our music library.

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