The Miracals- “Give Me a Chance”

Give Me A Chance Cover Art

As you may have heard, the Cali beach boys ( in terms of how they sound) from USC have changed their names to The Miracals. Asides from the annoying suggestions to change it into The Miracles when you google it up, I have to say that the band is back and better than ever. Give their new single a listen and you’ll see why.

In terms of style direction, I don’t see the whole vocal exchange between the two singers as much as the first album. Instead it’s all about the band particpation, and boy oh boy is it there. It’s bright, it’s sunny, I feel some guitar chords that wouldn’t be out of place on a 1960’s rock track (in a good way of course). I find it so interesting that this band has released their works only in the late fall, because if you think about it, this is the kind of music you listen to while driving along the coastline with the sun shining down. Though I suppose it’s a good thing that bright music like this can always perk one up as the rain begins to settle in.

Preorder the new EP and download this track immediately!

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