“Rockaby in E-Flat” – Clear For Takeoff

This song is too damn catchy. That’s all I can say about it at this point. I heard of this band, Clear for Takeoff, through a Baltimore indie artists compilation album called Not For Sale (’cause it’s free, get it?) (also I should note that such an idea would be brilliant for Seattle bands, etc.) and checked them out on iTunes. I didn’t figure I’d like them that much. Baltimore, despite being my hometown and with its fair share of good music, isn’t exactly known for its talent output.

Most people heard of this song through its play in Hollister stores for a short time in 2010, which is surprising, as Hollister doesn’t usually feature such small-time indie acts. Especially ones with this much of an East Coast vibe (though I admit California punk influences do seep in here).

Check it out, then buy on iTunes:

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