“Kids” – Sleigh Bells

I love Sleigh Bells. The sound is sexy distorted electronic melodic punk with no limits and vast ingenuity.

It started with “Infinity Guitars”, offered by iTunes as a free download. Then it grew some more, through the wondrous Hype Machine. And now I have my favorite parts of the album memorized in my head.

Last night, I saw a screening of Abduction with its director John Singleton doing a Q&A before the film. Singleton is brilliant, the movie… not so much. It was entertaining, but not in the way it should’ve been entertaining. It’s not Singleton’s fault. You can see he tried his best, and the little details in the film, like the choreography (of the fight scenes and the ‘sex’ scenes especially) are quite good. It was just a flawed project from the start. The script (by stellastarr* lead singer Shawn Christensen) can’t be totally blamed, nor can Taylor Lautner. It just didn’t work. Lily Collins, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina, and even Sigourney Weaver are among the talented performers who have their talents wasted in the film.

But the trailer was SO BADASS, and made the film look like such. Why, you ask?

SLEIGH BELLS. Check it out:


Kids [Download]

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